Montreal Opens All-New "Indoor Garden" Restaurant

You'll love this fresh space.
Montreal Opens All-New "Indoor Garden" Restaurant

The restaurant scene in Montreal is seriously unparalleled. There's always new and unique restaurants being opened in the city and each and every one of them pushes the envelope with cool new ideas. 

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Some of them focus on creating insane new food trends, some of them focus on creating a cool drink menu, and others focus on creating a beautiful space to make the restaurant experience exciting and fun! 

Luckily, this new restaurant in Griffintown does all 3 of those things! They make crazy foods, totally unique drinks, and their space is honestly gorgeous. Don't believe me? Just look for yourself!

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It's called Perles et Paddock and it's located at 403 Rue des Seigneurs in Montreal's Griffintown area. Not only is the decor in this restaurant stunning, with the all-white tables, chair, and bar but they have a huge sunlight which basically takes up the entire ceiling, there's plants everywhere and even a giant tree IN the restaurant!

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They make some seriously insane drinks in massive shells, cocktails topped with beautiful garnishes and toppings! 

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Their food is also so unique and beautiful, it's like a piece of artwork on a plate! Not only does it look beautiful, it also tastes delicious. They offer a dish actually inside a sea urchin!

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Check out theirFacebook page for more information. 

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