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Montreal Opens All-New "Indoor Greenhouse" Cafe-Bar

You won't be'leaf' your eyes!
Montreal Opens All-New "Indoor Greenhouse" Cafe-Bar

New cafes and bars are popping up all over the city right now just in time for school to start back up again! All the university students have barrelled back into the city and are ready to get their study on during the day and totally let loose at night.

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That's why this cool new place that opened on the Uqam University campus is so cool! It's a cafe during the day serving up some delicious coffee and a bar at night serving you all the cocktails you need to wind down. 

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It's called Ginkgo named after a type of Chinese tree which is super fitting for the interior of this place because it literally looks like a garden! It's located at 308 Rue Saint Catherine E and it's the perfect new place for students. 

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It has plants literally all over the walls, hanging from the ceilings and on the tables so you'll feel like you just walked into a greenhouse to drink your morning coffee! 

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Not only do they have a full menu of amazing coffees, smoothies and cocktails at night, they also serve a full brunch menu and it looks delicious! 

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Check out their Facebook page for more information! 

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