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Montreal Opens All-New Italian "Pizzeria & Pastry" Shop

Your go-to place for authentic eats!
Montreal Opens All-New Italian "Pizzeria & Pastry" Shop

Montreal is always opening new restaurants in the city, which is super exciting for all of us. It gives us a reason to get out there and explore the city, maybe even visit areas we've never been to! 

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That's what this new bake shop is bringing to the city! You'll get to explore one of Montreal's cutest areas, Saint Henri, and enjoy some authentic Italian pizzas and baked goods.

via @aimiliaa

This adorable new spot is called Rosetta and it's located at 3631 Notre-Dame St W in Montreal's Saint Henri area! 

They're serving up all kinds of authentic pizzas made fresh every day, including pizza rolls a unique way to enjoy your favourite food!

via @tatyana_ch4

They also serve all kinds of delicious baked goods like macarons, canoli's, cheese cake, apple tarts, and perfectly brewed coffees! 

via @efeeja.fooddiary

This will definitely be your go-to spot to get all your Italian food fixes in one, complete with a cute mural of your Nonna on the wall! 

via @vanessademontigny

Check out theirwebsite for more information. 

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