Montreal Is Opening All-New "Japanese BBQ" Restaurant

Cook your own food right at the table!
Montreal Is Opening All-New "Japanese BBQ" Restaurant

I'm sure we've all heard of the classic Korean BBQ restaurants that our city is full of. We've come to know and love this type of cuisine because not only is it delicious it's also super fun to cook your own food at the table! 

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There's also something called Yakiniku, which is Japanese BBQ and although it's really similar to Korean BBQ there are quite a few differences in these two types of cuisines.

They both involve grilling meat at the table, but Korean BBQ usually involves pre-marinated meats whereas Japanese BBQ does not use marinated meats, they serve the meat the vegetables and the sauce is provided on the side. 

This amazing Japanese BBQ restaurant has locations all over the United States but it only has a few locations so far in Canada. Luckily, they're opening up a location right here in Montreal! 

The restaurant will be located at 1255 Rue Crescent very soon! 

Their signature menu includes garlic shrimps, kalbi short ribs, spicy tuna volcano, garlic noodles, yaki-shabu beef, bibimbap and so much more! Each location has their own special deals, so we'll have to see what the Montreal location has to offer. 

Get over to Crescent street as soon as they open for a huge meal of delicious Japanese BBQ and learn how to cook your own food right at the table.

Check out their Facebook page for updates.