Montreal Opens All-New "Poke" Bar Downtown

A twist on tartare.
Montreal Opens All-New "Poke" Bar Downtown

If I could eat one food always and forever, it would be poke. It used to be sushi, but then poke got promoted to my favourite food of choice for one very clear reason: It is awesome.

What makes this dish so amazing? I'm glad you asked. Poke starts out with chunks of sashimi and rice, and then you can add in whatever you want to the mix - like mangoes, avocado, and edamame beans. The possibilities are endless, TBH.

And now, Montreal has a spot where you can go as beast as you want on poke.

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Le Poke Bar (2153 Rue Crescent) is a brand new restaurant in downtown Montreal, located right on ever-popular Crescent Street. As you might have guessed, this spot specialized in serving up some seriously on-point bowls of poke.

The restaurant is slated for a soft opening on May 4, 2016, and is set to open up this spring 2016.

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If this spot sounds like your new fave, don't forge to check out their Facebook for more information.

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