Montreal Opens All New Puppy Grooming Spa

OMG cuteness overload!
Montreal Opens All New Puppy Grooming Spa

Groomingdales, a dog and cat grooming spa, officially opened its doors on November 29th 2015 in Riviere-des-Prairies, Montreal.

Unlike other conventional dog spas, Groomingdales pays special attention to details, and that's why it's this year's cutest grooming place for our little loved ones.

The spa was initially created for a previous owner and was bought and revamped by the new directors, Rita Del Zoppo and Cassie Benloulou.

At the same location, but the new owners have renovated the entire place - and with a new concept in mind.

Cassie has put together an ultimate gem full of surprises to make sure your dog or cat feels happy and safe at all time.

On major holidays, Groomingdales goes the extra mile to make the animals feel pampered.

"We get Santa to come in and take pictures with the animals", Cassie tells me.

They gave the dogs special treats, and had polaroids printed out for the owners.

And it's not all - the proceeds were then donated to The True Blue Rescue a foundation that helps finds foster animals a home.

Groomingdales makes sure to go above and beyond in customer service. 

"We only use the best quality shampoos for our pets." Amongst them you will find Tee Tree Shampoos, whitening treatments and many more.

Before and After

Another key feature of the spa is how they use pens instead of cages for the animals.

Come meet Cassie and Rita at Groomingdales!

Dogs and cats can enjoy a full grooming, a wash or even just a bath, at competitive prices.

You'll love it.

Hours of operations are: Tuesday to Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

For appointments call: 514-586-9370


8061 Andre Ampere



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