Montreal Opens All-New "Ramen Bowl" Restaurant

A bowl of goodness.
Montreal Opens All-New "Ramen Bowl" Restaurant

Even though it's summer and a lot of us have been more conscious about what we're eating to maintain that "summer bod", I have some good news for you, summer's basically over! 

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That means we can indulge in some of the foods we've been avoiding for these past few months like comfort foods. Ramen is one of those comfort foods that is sooo delicious. It's basically a bowl full of happiness! 

That's why I have something super exciting to tell you all, there's an all new ramen restaurant that just opened up in Montreal!

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It's called Tsukuyomi and it's located 5207 Saint Laurent Boulevard in the Mile End!  They also have tons of starters, classic Japanese drinks and desserts!

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This spot is all about fast service, so they only take a few minutes to prepare your food and serve it to you! That's why it's perfect for a lunch on the run or a quick dinner before a show. 

The restaurant itself is honestly adorable, decorate with plants, a huge exposed brick wall and cute lights! 

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The ramen here is insanely authentic, using homemade Japanese noodles, Tonkontsu broth and local ingredients! The bowl is stuffed with veggies like chasu, a hard boiled egg, Asian spinach, bean sprouts, and more!

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Check out their Facebook page for more information. 

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