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Montreal Opens All-New Secret "Cloakroom" Bar Downtown

Speakeasy at its finest.
Montreal Opens All-New Secret "Cloakroom" Bar Downtown

After hearing about Cloakroom Bar from a bunch of people, I couldn't wait to see what this place was all about. So yesterday night, I came by the empty De La Montagne street and parked right outside their door. My friend asked: "Are they closed? It doesn't look like they're open."

I love the fact that you can't tell that it's a bar from the outside. In fact, you might just walk past by it if you're not aware of what's inside. It gives a sense of exclusivity to their clients. They know something other people don't. Cloakroom has mastered the art of speakeasy. Ten on ten!

I walk up the stairs and pull the door open, it's unlocked. Once I enter the (historic) building, a gorgeous room appears in front of my eyes. It almost feels unreal and movie-like: rich wood details, a heavy black curtain, a secret mirror door that looks nothing like a door and the sounds of a vibrant atmosphere somewhere behind the wall.

I open the mirrored "door" and enter a dark hallway. The walls are decorated with old-school black and white photos. Is this real life? I'm overwhelmed with how ridiculously cool the atmosphere is at this point.

I enter the bar and am already in love with it. It's dark, sexy, elegant, private. It's everything I want a speakeasy bar to be. It almost breaks my heart to share this "secret" with our readers. Don't tell anyone about this place, let's keep it exclusive (LOL).

Photo cred - @s.lesperance

Diego Iovino, one of the owners of the place, was kind enough to offer me a tour of Cloakroom. Turns out it's not just a bar. Maison Cloakroom is primarily a high-end custom tailor: hand made shoes, shirts, suits, bags. It's the epitome of mens' luxury. In the back of the salon, there is a barber shop. In other words, it's the ultimate hangout place for men who like the finer things in life. After you get your suit tailored and your beard trimmed, step into the bar and have a drink. It opens around 3 p.m. every day. Genius!

Bar Cloakroom

2175 de la Montagne

(514) 284-9393

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