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Montreal Opens All-New Shisha Lounge Where You Can Watch Habs Games At

Le Vape Saloon is a totally different kind of e-cig store.
Montreal Opens All-New Shisha Lounge Where You Can Watch Habs Games At

Photo cred - Le Vape Saloon

In the past couple of months, it seems like you can't walk down any major Montreal street and not find some random e-cig and vape store that has popped up out of nowhere. You may have missed some, as they all kind of meld together into one cookie-cutter vape store, all looking modern and stylish with a minimalist design that makes them nigh indistinguishable. With a completely unique ambiance, Le Vape Saloon in Plaza St. Hubert is far from the standard vape store, one we're actually excited to visit.

Going swanky with the decor and design, Le Vape Saloon has a ritzy vibe unseen in any vape store I've come across, which is a fair amount given how many have sprung up recently. A red carpet gives the store an instant glamour injection, with large/long tables, lots of seating, and big screen TVs lining the walls all adding to the classy atmosphere.

Further setting apart Le Vape Saloon is their large selection of shishas, which are set up right on those aforementioned tables for you to smoke and enjoy. See below for a visual. The staff are also very relaxed and welcoming, as one customer informed us, and they invite everyone to watch the hockey game (or any sports match) on the TVs while they chill out and smoke some shisha or a vape.

A lounge fused with a vape store, Le Vape Saloon looks like a cool place to hangout, while also being an e-cig vendor. You can visit the store at 6315 St. Hubert (map) and head over to Le Vape Saloon's Facebook page for all the details.

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