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Montreal Opens All New "Walking Dead" Themed Game

It's not for the faint of heart.
Montreal Opens All New "Walking Dead" Themed Game

In Montreal, there are tons of things to do and discoverBut sometimes,you want to do something completely out of the ordinary. I mean, there are only so many times you can go for a jog in a park or take shots at a bar, right?

And that's exactly where Montreal's VR Xtreme (5186 Queen Mary Rd)  comes in.

Specializing in seriously legit virtual reality, this Queen Mary spot is the perfect place to go to with your friends when you're looking for something new and fun to do.

And when I say "seriously legit virtual reality", omg, do I ever mean it. This spot basically transports you into a whole other universe thanks to its state of the art, unique machines and super artistic, gorgeously modern virtual reality room.

To start, you can dive into two different virtual reality experiences.

They've got The Extreme, which combines their full emersion technology with a number of different scenarios, all with different levels of control.

For example, if you want to sit back and relax as you paraglide over the city, no problem. And if you want to get your heart rate up as you run away from vicious dinosaurs about to make you their dinner... well, no problem, too. There are tons of different scenarios to pick from, but all of them make you feel like you're actually, 100% in the game. It's crazy. 

Then they've got The Apocalypse game, which, let me assure you from personal experience, is seriously fun... and seriously real.

You start off in their glass-walled room, put on the Oculus, hold on to your remotes (which are your "weapons" in the game), and prepare to kill some zombies!

Here's the thing, though. Since the virtual reality in VR Xtreme totally immerses you in their scenarios (seriously, no matter where you look, you're totally in this virtual world - you can even feel the wind on your face and hear the screams of the zombies!), you really do feel like you're a post-apocalyptic zombie killer. You really, honestly feel like the zombies are coming for you... It's intense, and so, so much fun!

Oh, and if you think you recognize the address, then you're right: VR Xtreme is a part of the Tir Du Soleil family, and in the same building! In fact, you can experience both the air shooting range, with real-life air rifles, and the scenarios at VR XTreme thanks to their Matrix packages.

They've got three different Matrix packages that all seamlessly blend reality with virtual reality, and all at different price points. With the Matrix 1 package, for example, you can shoot one air rifle with unlimited pellets for 30 minutes in real life, and then hop into the virtual world and pick any scenario in The Extreme, all for less than $15. 

Or, if you want to dive in at full speed, their Matrix 3 package offers you 2 air gun rifles, 2 air gun pistols and unlimited pellets for 60 minutes in the real-life Tir Du Soleil, and 5 different scenarios in The Apocalypse at VR XTreme (so you can seriously hone your zombie survival skills!).

Honestly, the VR here is crazy real - and crazy fun! You're 100% immersed in a different world, and there's nothing else on this earth that's as awesome as that feeling.

For more information on VR XTreme, you can visit their Facebook page and website!