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Montreal Opens An All-New "Prison Break" Escape Room

A one of a kind game experience if you love a challenge!
Montreal Opens An All-New "Prison Break" Escape Room

I trust that by now you guys are all familiar with escape rooms. You've probably played one or your friends have and they told you all about it. Needless to say, escape rooms have been around for quite some time now but before your turn away thinking that this is just going to be another escape room article, bear with me for a second cause I actually got to experience the best one in the city.

I'd like to think of myself as a connoisseur when it comes to escape rooms. I've played quite a few of them, all in different cities too! So when I got asked to come try out the newest room at Escaparium, I just couldn't say no.

I rounded up a couple of my friends of course because there's no chance in hell that you're getting out of one of those rooms without some help. 

Once we arrived, we discovered that we were going to be playing the Prison Break escape room which BTW has a 9% success rate. Challenge accepted.

Now, because I've played these games before, I already know to expect a little bit of a challenge. And did this game ever deliver!

The story behind the Prison Break game is that you have been framed for murder, thrown in jail and sentenced to death. Not an ideal situation so the point of the game is to break out of jail, rescue your friends who just so happen to be in the jail cell beside you and call it a day. I mean, sounds easy right? 


From the minute that you are locked in your cell, you need to start thinking and you need to do it fast because you only have 60 minutes to break out. Now, you're probably thinking that 60 minutes is a long time to break out of one room and I would agree with you, except, there's not just one room.

The entire Prison Break escape game is made up of multiple rooms that you need to "unlock" in order to fully break out of prison. There are even a couple of secret doorways built in the game that get you to and from each room. This is something you don't get at most escape games!

There's never been a more realistic escape game that I have ever played. The creators of the game devoted A LOT of time into making Prison Break the closest thing to an actual prison. Escaping from each room gets you that much closer to freedom. At one point, you even end up outside of the prison, in the courtyard with barb wire and prison guards. Picture that one episode from OITNB where the prisoners are trying to escape. Yah, that's how realistic it is.

And it's no wonder that this game recommends 4-6 players. With the amount of rooms that it has, and the way the clues are laid out, it's impossible for two people to successfully complete the game. From secret messages on walls and telephones that you need to decode to a prison guard you need to avoid (sounds mysterious right?), this game is a challenge and a half. 

And if you were wondering, my friends and I successfully escaped prison. But not without a few hints here and there, and if you happen to break out without any hints, call me up cause I want you on my team during my next escape room visit. 

For a one of a kind game experience, visit Escaparium at one of their three locations: Laval, Sherbrooke, and Montreal. The Prison Break escape room is only available at their Montreal location. Visit their website here for more information or check them out on Facebook.