Montreal Opens First-Ever "Doughnut Smoothie" Cafe

'Doughnut' wanna miss out on this!
Montreal Opens First-Ever "Doughnut Smoothie" Cafe

If you love smoothies and doughnuts, then I suggest trying this ALL NEW Montreal Cafe that had its official inauguration yesterday! They have created a true gift from the gods through their insane combination of doughnuts and smoothies.  This cafe is already killing the game since they know exactly how to attract Montrealers.

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Les gourmandises de Peyton is located in the Plateau on 371 rue Roy Est and they are already on the road to becoming a Montreal staple! Not only are they a cafe, but they are also a tea room, pastry shop and bakery. So, there is definitely something for everyone with a sweet tooth!via @lesgournandisesdepeyton

As opposed to a doughnut milkshake, which is a bit on the unhealthy side, Les gourmandises de Peyton have changed the game with their sweet doughnut top, but healthy smoothie interior:

via @lesgournandisesdepeyton

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