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Montreal Opens First-Ever "Starbucks Express" Coffee Shop

Opening tomorrow inside of Gare Centrale is a new type of Starbucks store, one never seen in Montreal before: Starbucks Express, a store designed with speed in mind.  

Only about 400 square feet in space, the Express Store is all about getting your coffee in your hand as quickly as possible, which is why the new format has been set up in a commuter-hub like Gare Centrale. 

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It’s basically “an espresso shot” version of a standard Starbucks store, said a representative from the company in a press release, comparing the Express location to a regular Starbucks location in Montreal, which has more of a sit-down vibe. 

Montreal's Gare Centrale Express Store is the first of its kind in Quebec, the second in Canada (the first is in Toronto’s Union Station) and the seventh in the world. 

What can you expect when grabbing some java in this new style of Starbucks? The company has basically laid it out:

As soon as you walk into the Express Store space, an overly friendly-and-eager Starbucks employee (aren’t they always?) will take your food-and-drink order on a tablet. 

The order is then sent directly to baristas working behind the bar, so as you move through the store, which is outfitted with a digital menu board and monitors to further tempt you to grab that 500 calorie muffin you were contemplating ordering. 

Starbucks also noted that the items listed on the menu will be “tailored for the commuter,” featuring some of the most popular menu items in the Quebec market. 

The cover photo of this article is an image of Toronto's Express Store, to give you an idea of what the Montreal version will look like. 

So, basically, the Express Store cuts the time down on the ordering process, since you give your order before you pay or wait in line. That way, once you reach the cash, your drink will already be in the process of being made, or actually be ready-to-drink. 

It’s also worth noting that, when a new Starbucks location opens, the store usually has a one-day “free drinks for everyone” type of launch event. We can’t confirm this will happen with the Gare Centrale Express Store, but if you happen to be commuting, you may as well go check. 

Worst comes to worst, you actually pay for your coffee. 

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