Montreal Opens First-Ever "Tim Hortons Museum"

Most Canadian field trip ever.
Montreal Opens First-Ever "Tim Hortons Museum"

Tim Hortons is one of the aspects of our culture that inherently ours and that hasn't been coopted as "North American" culture.

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You can now celebrate this great institution's history with Montreal's very own Tim Horton's National Museum that just opened up in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve. They have lots of awesome items like antique coffee makers, cups and cup holders and all kinds of cool, fun memorabilia from over the years.

Alexandre Contant and Lorie-Anne Chamberland are a couple that were thrift shopping for a coffee maker when they found an old Tim Horton's model and got the idea to go through with this concept and turn their apartment into a museum. Seeing that Canada doesn't really have much as far as traditional structures so  we defend the few we have ferociously.

*DISCLAIMER: The cover photo is not the actual museum.*

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