Montreal Opens First Ever Twerk School In Canada

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Montreal Opens First Ever Twerk School In Canada

It's official, you can now get fit while having a freaking blast, Montreal. Twerk Fit classes are now being offered in Canada (for the very first time, allegedly). How exciting is this? Because we all want to move like Rihanna even if we don't like to admit to it.

Studio Taino invites everyone to try their body isolation and anti-cellulitis work out (a.k.a. the twerkout). Clients are asked not to be shy and explore the power of ABS and legs through the movements of their hips! Introduction class is lead by two twerk goddesses.

If you're wondering - yes, twerking does help you lose weight. In addition, it tones your abs, legs and butt muscles. Not to mention that it doesn't feel like an actual workout, but rather a fun performance. Just imagine being on stage or at a club dancing away to your favourite beats...? Doesn't that sound like a fun workout alternative? Of course it does.

In addition, the moves you learn in class might come in handy in other areas of life *wink wink*. Like teaching your girlfriends how to twerk, for example. You'll be the one who's got the moves among your friends... which basically puts you one step ahead of everyone else.

In case you're still not convinced about how much you need to take this class, watch this video:

This could be you, but you playing.

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