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Montreal Opens First-Ever Zero Waste Grocery Store

it just makes sense.
Montreal Opens First-Ever Zero Waste Grocery Store

Every time I take out the garbage and recycling, something becomes painfully obvious.

Most of my trash is packaging.

Cardboard boxes, plastic wrap, bags, cans, bottles, it never ends!

Sometimes you get a bag inside a box which is then also wrapped in plastic.

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Montreal's been all excited over the plastic bag ban. But let's be honest, if we really wanted to make a difference, we would need to get rid of all unnecessary packaging.

One Montreal grocery store called Mega Vrac has decided to do exactly that.

Their objective is to create a "Zero Trash" version of the traditional grocery store.

The concept is simple, it just involves taking the "plastic bag ban" idea to a whole new level.

Many people are already accustomed to bringing their own grocery bags when they go shopping to reduce waste, and Mega Vrac simply wants people to bring containers for the rest of their purchases.

Customers bring their own bottles, jars, and bags and fill them with Mega Vrac's 700 different products.

Everything from coffee and spices, to dried fruits and nuts.

Don't have your own containers? No problem. They'll even sell you reusable containers on site.

And if you're not able to carry your containers there or if you simply live too far away, Mega Vrac also offers Delivery everywhere in Canada.

Mega Vrac is located at 2649 Rue Masson.

Check out their Facebook page or their website here for more details.

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