Montreal Opens Huge All-New "100% Quebec Local" Vegan Restaurant

Fresh, organic, and just straight-up delicious.

Guys, do you remember a few years ago, if you were vegan or vegetarian it would be a little bit difficult to find a spot to eat at?

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And do you remember when, if you were trying to eat clean, it was even harder to find a place that could totally accommodate you?

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Well, you might have noticed that that's a thing of the past. Spots focusing on vegan and healthy food are popping up more and more in Montreal, and a lot of them are seriously amazing.

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Like LOV (464 Rue McGill), a brand new restaurant in Old Montreal that focuses on local, organic, and veg food.

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Their menu is 90% vegan. They've got waffles, acai bowls (!!), kale mac 'n cheese, vegan onion rings, and a whole lot more deliciously good-for-you food.

Plus, sidenote: the space is seriously beautiful, with marble tables, wicker swings... and a whole lot of good vibes, of course.

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Does LOV sound like your new fave spot? Then check out their Facebook for more information.

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