Montreal Opens Its First-Ever “All You Can Eat” Chicken Wing Restaurant

Unlimited amounts of your favorite juicy, tasty treat.
Montreal Opens Its First-Ever “All You Can Eat” Chicken Wing Restaurant

Guys, wings are life. I can't think of anything more of a comfort snack than chicken wings: they're juicy, sticky, flavourful, and just plain awesome.

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The only thing better than chicken wings, guys? Unlimited chicken wings. All the chicken wings you could possibly fit in your mouth. Literally, all. The. Wings.

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And thankfully for those of us who are down to take on that challenge, there's one Montreal restaurant that's down to let all your dream come true.

Le Gras Dur (1660 Rue Jarry E), the same people who brought you the pure happiness that is all-you-can-eat poutine, are doing something similar with chicken wings.

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Every Thursday, they're offering unlimited wings for $30... and to sweeten the deal, they're offering up one of their delicious poutines, as well.

The chicken wing flavours will change weekly; this week, it's smoked sriracha and brown sugar, for example.

Sounds like the best thing you've ever heard? Then check out Le Gras Dur on Facebook for more information.

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