Montreal Opens Its First-Ever "All You Can Eat" Mac & Cheese Restaurant

Okay, show of hands: who here loves macaroni and cheese? Everyone. Perfect. That's what I thought.

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And if you do happen to be a lover of the cheesiest, tastiest dish on earth, then I've got some fantastic news for you.

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Montreal's Vladimir Poutine (1234 De La Montagne), a poutine restaurant in downtown Montreal, will be offering a special deal for mac n' cheese lovers.

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Wednesdays, from 10:30 AM - 11:00 PM, Vladimir Poutine will be offering all you can eat mac & cheese for $20. A glass of Molson will be included in the special.

So, friends, happy mac and cheesing!

via @vladimirpoutinemtl

For more information, check out Vladimir Poutine's Facebook page.