Montreal Opens Its First-Ever “All You Can Eat” Taco Restaurant

Go crazy on the world's greatest dish.
Montreal Opens Its First-Ever “All You Can Eat” Taco Restaurant

Real talk: sometimes the daily grind is just too much to handle. Sometimes, times are rough. Sometimes, you're just not feeling your best.

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But then tacos exist, reminding us all that pure, unbridled happiness does exist in the world and things will start looking up for us again.

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My point with all of this is that tacos are like the rays of sunshine that brighten up your life. But the only thing better than tacos?

Unlimited tacos. AKA, unlimited happiness.

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And thankfully for us, one Montreal restaurant understands our need to stuff ourselves with as many tacos as we possibly can.

M Burrito (921 Ave Du Mont-Royal E), located in Montreal's Plateau, has one seriously awesome all-you-can eat taco promotion going down.

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For about $30, two people can nosh on as many of M Burrito's glorious tacos carnitas or al pastor as they want, with a pitcher of beer included:

Best news you've heard today? You know it.

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For more information on M Burrito, check out their Facebook page and website.

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