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Montreal Opens Its First-Ever Authentic Cuban Café

A super cool new spot to get your daily caffeine fix.
Montreal Opens Its First-Ever Authentic Cuban Café

It's really not a secret that Montreal's coffee scene is on point. We've got a never-ending amount of awesome coffee spots for you to crawl to in order to get that caffeine fix... But if you're a caffeine fiend, then you know that variety is the coffee bean spice of life. New coffee spots are bae. Always.

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So, coffee fiends, have I got some good news for you.

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Café Bonita (7 Rue Viger Ouest) will be opening up very soon in Montreal's Chinatown. Although the fact that there will soon be a new coffee spot to discover is awesome enough, it gets better.

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This cafe will specialize in serving up Cuban coffee, which to me sounds like pretty much the most awesome addition to Montreal's coffee scene.

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Sound like your new fave coffee spot? Make sure to check out their Facebook and Website.

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