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Montreal Opens Its First-Ever Downtown "Build Your Own" Pizza Restaurant

Doing it yourself has never been more delicious.
Montreal Opens Its First-Ever Downtown "Build Your Own" Pizza Restaurant

Order a pizza made exactly to your personal specifications, without any online or over-the-phone mix ups. You will soon be able to create your own pizza-creation thanks to Brigade Pizzeria Napolitaine, Montreal's (and the nation's, apparently) first ever built-to-order pizza place.

"Built-to-order" basically breaks down to you ordering your pizza and then watching it made right in front of you. Eater released the new pizzeria's press release, which outlined the process:

  • You order a 12" personal pizza at the counter
  • Choose a few of the 35+ toppings
  • Wait a hot minute (literally 60-90 seconds) for your pizza to cook
  • Consume the fresh-pizza-glory

Set to open in July at 1428 Stanley (map) Bridage Pizza will also be serving custom salads and sandwiches, along with beer and wine. A cool concept, and enticing toppings like imported cheeses, oven roasted meats, and meatballs are making us excited for this new pizzeria.

One kink in the pizza-scheme could come in the ordering process. Unless the pizzas really only take 2 minutes to make, I can foresee some long line ups of people piling up by the pizza-counter if it gets busy. We won't know until Brigade actually open though, so we're remaining hopeful.

Check out Brigade'sofficial website & facebook page for any updates, but we'll be sure to let you know when it opens.

Will you be eating at Brigade Pizza?

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