Montreal Opens Its First-Ever "Portuguese Style" Chicken Wings Restaurant

A spot you just gotta check out asap.
Montreal Opens Its First-Ever "Portuguese Style" Chicken Wings Restaurant

Montreal has a love affair with many different foods. But one of the more notable ones has got to be Portuguese chicken.

The crispiness, the flavor, the sauce, there's just just nothing quite like it in the world.

That is until you've tried Portuguese chicken wings.

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Imagine all the flavor of Portuguese chicken concentrated into tiny nuggets of awesomeness.

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Well now you no longer have to imagine it because today is the opening of an all-new Portuguese chicken wing restaurant called Campo.

Campos' mission is to offer a healthy version of Portuguese chicken as well as a varied menu which they refer to as:

"Fast food, done right" 

The chickens are grain fed and they're raised without hormones to make sure you get the best quality chicken around.

This is the 4th restaurant launched by the Ferreira Groupe.

They're the people who brought us Ferreira Cafe, Cafe Vasco Da Gama and Taverne F.

The restaurant is located 1108 rue Maisonneuve Ouest.

But if you're feeling to lazy to go, I have good news. They also plan on offering online orders in the next few days.

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Check out their website for more details.

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