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Montreal Opens Up All-New "Bacon Themed" Restaurant

Gettin' piggy with it.
Montreal Opens Up All-New "Bacon Themed" Restaurant

There is a new restaurant in Montreal you might not know about yet, but you need to discover immediately, especially if you happen to love pig!

Restaurant Porco opened it's first location in NDG about a month ago, and it's getting some amazing reviews. 

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If the name sounds familiar, that's because Porco was actually created in 2015, when they started serving porchetta sandwiches at Montreal street festivals. 

via @davidbee

But in July, they opened up their new restaurant on 5674 Monkland, and their entire menu has been carefully crafted "to feature and celebrate the humble pig".

via @brianerst

And did we mention they do brunch? 

via @santange

Check out their Facebook page for more information or their Instagram to see more mouth watering pig themed creations. 

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