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Montreal Owner Of Dog Who Attacked Children Dealt Ecstasy With A Toddler

More trouble for the Montreal North resident.
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Montreal Owner Of Dog Who Attacked Children Dealt Ecstasy With A Toddler

Last week, a incident involving a dog in Montreal North that attacked neighbourhood children made headlines across the city.

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Coincidentally, the attack occured just days before the Montreal city council passed new animal control by-laws, which include new restrictions on "dangerous" dogs.

Officials have gone back and forth on just what to do with the dog involved in the attack. The borough chief once announced that the dog would be put down, but that directive was rescinded at the request of the SPVM.

In the meantime, the owner of that dog, 62-year-old Frances Richardson, has gotten into her own trouble, but not for the reason you'd first expect.

According to le Journal de Montréal, Richardson has admitted to selling ecstasy.

What's worse, she often made transactions right in front of her three-year-old granddaughter.

This is just the beginning of Richardson's legal woes. She may also be charged with negligence, says le Journal.

According to reports, Richardson left her dog with other children when she left to take a child who had been bitten in the scalp to the hospital.

She attempted to trap her pet. But it escaped and injured several other minors.

The fate of the dog is still undecided. But it will undoubtedly be listed in Montreal's new public watchlist for dangerous animals.

Stay tuned.


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