The City Of Montreal And Paris To Team Up Thanks To Denis Coderre

Getting cozy with the city of lights.
The City Of Montreal And Paris To Team Up Thanks To Denis Coderre

Montreal and Paris, the city of lights, have struck a partnership that will mutually benefit the economy and society of both cities.

Denis Coderre is to thank for this new relationship, as he met with Paris' mayor Anne Hidalgo yesterday, part of Coderre's ongoing European tour to promote Montreal.

Together, the two mayors hope the Montreal and Paris can strengthen their respective weaknesses. Bilocation companies (businesses situated in two separate areas, so Montreal and Paris) are a major initiative, as will the mutual advancement of the digital industry, public transport, and urban development sectors of both cities.

Hidalgo also pointed out that Paris needs help with its growing homelessness problem, to which Montreal will be a guiding model. Montreal doesn't exactly have the greatest handle on the issue of homelessness, but maybe Paris is way worse off.

Coderre will keep Euro-tripping, with Brussels to be his next stop on Thursday.

You can take a look at Radio-Canada's coverage of the events through the video below.

Will a partnership with Paris improve Montreal?

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