Montreal Passengers Freaked Out As Airplane Was Infested With Insects

I guess you get what you pay for.
Montreal Passengers Freaked Out As Airplane Was Infested With Insects

Montreal Airplane Passengers Were Screaming As Tarantulas Crawled On Them

Flying is freaky enough for some people. Whether it's a fear of flying or a dislike for being stuck in a confined space with smelly people for hours on end without escape, it can be a pretty unpleasant experience.

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Now I'm pretty sure that the flight would get exponentially more unpleasant if it were infested with insects. Well, turns out that that happened and in Montreal.

A WOW air flight coming from Iceland and landing in Montreal discovered a bit of an ant infestation upon their arrival. As soon as they landed, the captain made an announcement saying that they'd have to stay put for a while.

When the flight landed, everyone just wants to get the hell off, as usual. They'd already been sitting on their butts for more than five hours. Imagine being told that not only are you not allowed to leave, but you have to stay in the stuffy plane for several hours.

Personally, if I heard that I'd get reeeally freaked out. Luckily, the problem was no bigger than ants in an overhead bin, but they were forced to stay in containment nonetheless.

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After about two hours, they were instructed that they could finally leave but they couldn't take any of their personal belongings, including their carry-on and personal bags. 

Luckily, after various government agencies investigated the situation, they ruled that the situation present no risk to public health. It was just a little gross.

Unfortunately, the whole incident also caused tons of delays and even flight cancellations. I feel kind of bad for WOW air because now they have to deal with all this bad publicity and angry ass customers. 

The airline is known for having really cheap flights so, unfortunately, this incident will probably give them a bit of a bad reputation at least for a while until the next big plane-related issue.


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