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Montreal Patagonia Is Having A Huge Sample Sale This Weekend

Snag these sales!
Montreal Patagonia Is Having A Huge Sample Sale This Weekend

The sales in Montreal right now are crazy good. There's basically been a massive sale every week since the beginning of August because stores are trying to get rid of last season's line to make room for their new lines for fall! 

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It's a glorious time when this happens because it means we're going to be saving a whole lot of moolah! 

This weekend there's a massive sale at our favourite outdoor clothing and equipment store, Patagonia! 

via @__chizu_ya

The sale is starting tomorrow, Thursday, September 14th until Saturday, September 16th. On Thursday and Friday the sale will take place from 1-7pm and on Saturday from 10am-5pm! 

via @patagonia

The sample sale is taking place at 4710 Rue St Ambroise Suite 249 in Montreal's Saint Henri area! 

Note that this is a sample sale and not a warehouse sale so they only have select sizes and colours available. They will only have Men's Mediums, Women's Smalls, and Kids 2T sizes. 

via @patagonia

They will be accepting credit, debit and cash so purchasing your fave items will be super easy! 

Don't miss out on this awesome opportunity to stock up on all your favourite outdoor gear. 

via @patagonia

Check out the Facebook event for more information. 

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