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Montreal Photographer Transforms One Person Into Different Sexes To Break Down Gender Roles

Years ago, gender was a fixed identity and your private parts pretty much placed you into the societal role of male and female. Nowadays, at least in some western societies, gender is seen as a much more fluid construct, and individuals are no longer fully chained to a single role.

The lines between genders has been blurred, but that isn't to say people aren't still prescribed social roles based on anatomy. Working towards fully shifting the mind of society to a fluid concept of gender, Montreal photographer JJ Levine has created the photo series Alone Time.

Using only one model in two-person photographs, Levine places one sex in the role of male and female. Levine hopes to challenge the idea of gender being fixed and stable, and his photos effectively deconstruct the preconception of gendered roles.

You may be weirded out by seeing a man or woman playing the part of both husband and wife, and that only points towards the work that still needs to be done to create a social setting of free expression.

Check it below.

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