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Where To Spot Channing Tatum & Jennifer Lawrence In Montreal This Summer

Photo cred - Groupe Antonopoulos

Spring is in the air, and any Montrealer worth their salt knows that it isn’t the end of a miserable winter that we’re celebrating — our favourite mutants arrive in April!

Director Bryan Singer, hit Montreal in February to start location scouting, and Xmen: Apocalypse is officially due to start filming next month. Meaning, Montreal will once again be host to the beautiful X-Crew swaggering through Old Port. We’re waiting for you J-Law.

But rather than forcing you to backtrack (or stalk) your way through the cobblestoned streets of our fair city, hotel search did some digging and found the 7 likeliest hotels our X-Stars may be calling home for the next 4 months. So if you’re looking to overhear the smooth English accent of James McAvoy mid-check-in, scout out these hotel lobbies.

You may never manage to do more than stammer or awkwardly try to take a photo through a curtain of hair, but if you’re lucky, he might smile at you.

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Jennifer Lawrence (Raven/Mystique) @ Le Petit Hôtel

Best described as your cool friend’s urban loft, the exposed brick, stonework, and hardwood floors are the perfect fit for everyone’s would-be celebrity BFF. Jennifer Lawrence definitely isn’t the gold inlay and chandeliers type, so the cozy and modern furniture of the luxurious Le Petit Hôtel makes it the perfect place for her to peel out of Mystique’s blue paint job and relax.

Photo cred - Group Antonopoulos

Michael Fassbender (Eric Lensherr/Magneto) @ Le Place d’Armes

Michael Fassbender has always appeared to prize discretion over flashiness, an accurate description of Le Place d’Armes. The Irish-German’s broody intensity (and seriously chiseled cheekbones) call for high ceilings and exposed brick, and the historic building filled with modern amenities will fit his European sensibilities to a tee.

Photo cred - Group Antonopoulos

Sophie Turner (Jean Grey) @ Auberge du Vieux-Port

Taking a hiatus from Sansa Stark to play an ass-kicking telekinetic telepathic mutant, the rustic elegance of the Auberge du Vieux-Port is the best place to give the self-proclaimed “girly-girl” a real break after hours on set. The hotel has all of the character of a French country inn — but doesn’t skimp on the modern amenities — and with the loft suites in a separate walk-up building, the British star will have the privacy she craves to enjoy the panoramic views of the St. Lawrence river and the Old Port.

Photo cred - Group Antonopoulos

Nicholas Hoult (Hank McCoy/Beast) @ Hôtel Gault

Nicholas Hoult may play a blue Beast in the films, but in real-life he’s as laidback as his ex-girlfriend — that’s right, he and J-Law are both very single! A former carpet factory, Hôtel Gault is one of the most modern hotels in Montreal, with open-plan loft-style rooms that will give him plenty of space to chill. The vast California king-sized bed, and futuristic furniture will make sure he’s plenty comfortable after a long day on set.

Photo cred - Group Antonopoulos

James McAvoy (Charles Xavier) @ Le Saint-Sulpice

It’s all suites, suites, and nothing but suites at Le Saint-Sulpice, and with a star as notoriously camera shy as James McAvoy, the private terraces and discreet staff will provide the privacy the British actor craves. The self-sufficient suite will give him freedom and luxury in equal measure, but definitely has plenty of room for his family to jump the pond for a visit.

Photo cred - Group Antonopoulos

Oscar Isaac (En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse) @ Hôtel Nelligan

He’ll play the embodiment of the film’s Apocalypse (and hopefully rip off Hugh Jackman’s shirt in the process), but most X-Men fans would be hard-pressed to recognize the unassuming Oscar Isaac amongst his A-List costars. Hôtel Nelligan’s darkly accented rooms, red brick walls, and leather furniture should put him in a suitably dark and villainous mindset, while the private terrace and spacious rooms will give him plenty of room to practice his guitar.

Photo cred - Le Saint-Sulpice

Channing Tatum (Remy LeBeau/Gambit) @ Ritz-Carlton Montréal

While a little different from the rest of the small boutique hotels on our list, the Ritz-Carlton Montréal is a well-established favourite with Hollywood A-Listers, having played host to Douglas Fairbanks and even John Travolta. Channing Tatum‘s young family will definitely be visiting, which makes the extravagantly large suites ideal while trying to hide from the paparazzi. While Gambit shows off his Cajun accent, his wife Jenna can spend time with daughter Everly in the private Jardin du Ritz, or spend some time in retail therapy at the Holt Renfrew and Ogilvy’s nearby.

Photo cred - Ritz-Carlton Montréal

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