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"Montreal Pokemon Day" Is Taking Over The City This Weekend

If you were a kid in the 90s, nothing will blast you with a Water Gun (or Hydro Pump) of nostalgia quite like a trip down Pokemon memory lane. Hell, if you were born anytime after February 27th, 1996 until now, then you definitely went through a major Pokemon obsession.

And it's time to relive all that Poke-love you've been storing up since you put your Pokemon training days behind you.

That's right, it's time to pick your Pokedex back up, head to the PokeMart for some repels (because fuck Zubat), and don your best baseball cap for catching wild Pikachus, because the beloved Pocket Monsters are coming back into your life this Saturday, February 27th for Montreal Pokemon Day.

As die-hard fans will already know, this coming Saturday is already international Pokemon Day, an event held to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the franchise.

But being intense PokeFantatics like we are, we've decided to also name the date Montreal Pokemon Day, to remind all Montrealers that it's once again time to make the ever-important choice between a grass, fire, or water type starter and get back in the Poke-game.

Celebrate in any way that you like (marathon the anime, bust out your old trading cards, excavate your ancient GameBoy and start a new journey through Kanto/Johto) but know that there are actually some cool events going on in the city specifically for Pokemon Day.

Gerts, the on-campus McGill bar, is devoting the entire week to all things Pokemon. Not only will they be playing the anime on a loop, but there will also be a special Gerts Gym Leader for folks itching to once again unleash the destruction of their Charizard. Be sure to head there on Thursday for their special "Barmander! Barmeleon! Barizzard!" Poke-jam, and major props to whoever wrote the FB event description for this party, because the Poke-puns are on fleek.

Montreal's very own Pokemon League is also always on-hand to celebrate all things Pokemon. Yes, Montreal has its own Pokemon league and their are gym leaders and badges you can get. Let that sink in while you ponder whether your old Feraligatr can still rip a Typhlosion to shreds.

Then there are the many announcements and games to be released by Nintendo themselves on Pokemon Day. Personally, I'm uber-jazzed that the original three games (Red, Blue, and Yellow versions) are being launched on the Nintendo Network, which will allow anyone to download the games and relive the magic of their childhood. That's pretty much my game plan for all the Sunday after Nuit Blanche, because you gotta do something when you're super hungover, and it mine as well be Pokemon.

No matter how you plan to celebrate all things Pokemon on the 27th, just make sure to get everyone else hyped about the franchise's 20th anniversary too.

Head to the Facebook event, invite your friends, and lets have the make Poke-tastic Montreal we can. 'Mon on everyone.

*Note: While MTL Blog promotes all things Pokemon, we do not actively endorse any Hot Skitty-on-Wailord Action, because gross.

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