The Montreal "Pokémon Festival" You Must Attend This Summer

You just gotta catch 'em all.
The Montreal "Pokémon Festival" You Must Attend This Summer

If there was one choice that defined the childhood of anyone born in the 90s and beyond, it was this: Bulbasaur, Charmander, or Squirtle?

Ever-pressing and rife with repercussions, the choice between a grass, fire, or water-type is still made by kids and adults alike today, as Pokémon is still alive and thriving, even twenty years after its North American release.

Hell, I'm still replaying Blue and Red, and waiting with all the anticipation of a 5-year-old for Sun and Moon.

Infused with nostalgia and the appeal of a modern video game franchise, Pokémon is holds a special place in many of our hearts. Even if you still don't try to catch 'em all, you probably wouldn't mind going back to a simpler time and getting reacquainted with your old roster of pocket monsters that helped you achieve greatness.

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And now, there's a Montreal festival that will help you do just that: High Score Con 2016.

A video game festival celebrating gaming culture in every form (which describes itself as "Montreal's premier video game convention), High Score Con 2016 will also have a strong Pokémon-tastic spin. While showing off local indie games and merchandise for every franchise, High Score Con will be a celebration of the last twenty years we've all enjoyed with Pokemon, so get your Gameboy ready.

Pokémon gaming tournaments will be held all day long at High Score Con, letting you duke it out like you used to in the schoolyard (or still do with friends online), and artists will be on-site showing off their original works of your favourite pocket monsters. You'll also have the chance to buy all kinds of Poké-merchandise, and maybe finally find that holographic you always wanted as a kid.

Much more will also be added to the High Score Con docket as the festival ramps up to its Poké-celebration on June 19th. For more details and to stay in the loop, head to the official Facebook page.

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