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Montreal Police Are Having A Hard Time Stopping People From Having Public Sex On Mount Royal

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Montreal Police Are Having A Hard Time Stopping People From Having Public Sex On Mount Royal

Back in conservative 1950s, the mayor of Montreal Mr. Jean Drapeau looked at beautiful and green Mont-Royal but all he saw was a space for "sexual perverts" to come out at night and engage in "undesirable" activities.

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As a result, Drapeau ordered the city to eliminate all the low-lying shrubs and trees that could potentially be used for what he saw as "morally questionable" activities.

Fast forward a couple year, although our municipal administration's agenda is not deadset on curbing this type of activity,  public sex on Mont-Royal is still going strong.

Sorry, Mr. Drapeau, nothing can stop Montrealers from fulfilling their public sex fantasies.

Thanks to the internet forums and online map meeting points, a split-second Google search - you can try this yourself -  will uncover at least five sites where people set daily appointments to engage in group sexual activity outdoors all over Mont-Royal.

According to a source, the individuals going to these meet-ups are always super respectful and everything goes down in a safe and open environment.

In addition, each spot on the meet-up map offers different activities, ranging from sex in a car, to picnic tables or in places reserved for the homosexual community.

In the sex positive spirit, I'm glad all these folks are able to find a safe place to fulfill their sexual fantasies. However, it can potentially come at a price, as having sex in public can be problematic with the law.

As long as you're not getting caught, though, everything should be fine. And it seems like that is the case in Montreal, as SPVM police said that they haven't surrendered any offences in the last 5-years. Looks like people are being very low-key and stealth about their public sex mission, and as history has taught us, there's very little anyone can do to stop it.


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