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Montreal Police Brutally Arrested A Homeless Woman Yesterday (Video)

The officer slammed her head down on the police car as she screamed in pain.
Montreal Police Brutally Arrested A Homeless Woman Yesterday (Video)

Living in Montreal you probably see the police pretty often around the city. More often than not they're just driving around or speaking to people, but sometimes you will catch them in the act of making an arrest. It's a little scary, a bit interesting to watch, and usually pretty great to know our city is being patrolled by people who are here to make it safe.

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Sometimes though, police can end up looking like the bad guys. Yesterday evening two SPVM officers were making an arrest on a woman in downtown Montreal. Witnesses say she looked to be homeless. It's uncertain what exactly the circumstances were that led to her arrest.

The most shocking part of the video, which you can watch below, is when one of the officers aggressively starts bashing the woman's head against the police car. No, this is not an exaggeration. The entire time the woman is screaming in French "my arms hurt!" but it's obvious that the police are not too concerned about that.

After the woman's head is slammed against the car, witnesses say the officer then hit her in the back of the head with his fist. The woman can at this point be heard screaming "hospital, please!" as well as other pleads to the police to get her medical treatment.

Moments later, the woman was pushed into the back of the police car and driven away.

According to the SPVM, the officer in the video that is seen physically assaulting the woman was bitten by her beforehand. It's not certain whether this is true or not, but we can all agree that this seriously looks like a police intervention nightmares are made of. 

As of now there's no word on whether or not the woman ended up needing medical treatment.


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