Montreal Police Can Now Search Through Your Cellphone With No Warrant

Photo cred - Doug

The Supreme Court of Canada just ruled that it's okay to go through your personal info if you're arrested, as long as it relates directly to the arrest and the police take notes. The court was split 4-3, with the justices against it arguing that cellphones and personal computers are "an intensely personal and uniquely pervasive sphere".

According to CBC, in order to go through your private information,

Police must also have "a valid law enforcement" purpose like:

  • Protecting the police, the accused or the public.
  • Preserving evidence.
  • Discovering evidence, like locating additional suspects. 

Going through someone's phone did help solve a 2009 jewelery heist in Toronto, so obviously looking through texts and photos can be crucial in finding evidence. But it's not just a question of helping the police catching the bad guys. It could be super helpful by speeding up crime investigations, or it could be the beginning of a slippery slope where your privacy becomes less and less valued by the people who are supposed to protect you.

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