Quebec Police Caught Blocking A Bus Lane So They Could Grab Tim Hortons In Montreal

Everyone needs a donut every now and again... and let's remember, cops are people, too. If anything, police officers go through more in an average work day that would deserve a real coffee break. 

But, at the same time, with the price of parking tickets going up, it's hard to see two cop cars snuggled up in a bus lane, blocking the flow of traffic, just because they can.

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TL;DR Photos sent into MTL blog show two cop cars parked blocking a bus stop at rue Guy and de Maisonneuve, while the police can be seen sitting down inside Tim Hortons.

The photos below were sent in to us yesterday after an anonymous witness noticed the police vehicles blocking the bus lane. 

Via Anonymous

The photos were taken at 4:30 PM at the Tim Hortons on the corner of rue Guy and de Maisonneuve.

You can see that both cars are off, though the back police car has his 4-way hazard lights on.

Meanwhile, the police can be seen inside the Tims, enjoying a (probably well-deserved) double-double.

Via Anonymous

The witness noted that the bus stop was just a few feet from the front police car, and it is a very busy stop, considering it's the first bus stop in that direction for people getting off the metro at Guy Concordia. 

A bus arriving at the stop could not fit flush against the curb at the stop with the two police cars parked there.

Via Anonymous

Moreover, because the stop is so close to the intersection, people turning right onto Guy from Maisonneuve would have to exit the righthand lane because of the police vehicles, in order to go around them.

As I've said, there is nothing wrong with two police officers enjoying a well-deserved break by sitting down at a Tims to have a coffee and a donut.

But was there really nowhere legal to park? Is this an instance of the police being above the law?

Perhaps officers feel entitled to park somewhere that allows them to easily hop in the car and get moving if a call arrived.

Even in that case, I still question the decision to block a bus stop... 

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