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Montreal Police Have Identified The 18-Year-Old Canadian Boy Who Died During Osheaga

Going to the festival had been his birthday present.
Montreal Police Have Identified The 18-Year-Old Canadian Boy Who Died During Osheaga

For some, Osheaga was a weekend to remember. But sadly, for others it will be a weekend they'll never be able to forget.

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It all started on Friday evening, the first night of the festival, an 18-year-old man and his friends were visiting Montreal specifically for Osheaga. Going to the festival was his birthday present, although sadly he never even got the chance to celebrate before an unbelievable accident occurred.

It was around 7:30 on that Friday evening that the teen was last seen by his friends. If you've ever been to Osheaga, or really any music festival, you know how insanely crowded it can be when you're trying to make your way closer to a stage to see a performance. That's why when the young man was last seen shouting and walking towards the back of the stage, his friends just assumed he was upset with one of the people-pushers in the crowd.

Unfortunately, it looks that that isn't the case at all. After Montreal police opened a missing persons report on Sunday, the search began. The rescue efforts for the teen ended abruptly this past Monday when Longueil police had found a body on the shores of the St. Lawrence River. It was on Tuesday when police had officially announced that it was the body of the teenager that had gone missing on the first night of the festival.

According to police, so far tests have concluded there wasn't any foul play. It looks like the assumption that he and another festival-goer got into a heated argument until he was thrown into the water is very unlikely. As of now, no one has come forward with any information and there isn't much of an idea of what happened to the 18-year-old.

For now, this devastating incident remains a mystery to even the young man's family and friends.


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