Montreal Police Officer Hands Out 10 Tickets At Once To Meet Quotas

This might be what that pig's head was about.
Montreal Police Officer Hands Out 10 Tickets At Once To Meet Quotas

Photo cred - caribb

Residents of a small sloped street in the borough of Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve were pretty pissed yesterday, when they discovered they had each been slapped with parking tickets all at the same time, and all for the same reason.

According to Journal de Montreal, when one man confronted the cop to find out why he was ticketed $57, he was casually informed that there are quotas to meet.

The ticket itself was for not turning the front wheels toward the sidewalk, which is in fact a by-law, albeit a largely unknown one. Essentially, it's to ensure that if the car's brakes were to fail, the car would safely roll into the sidewalk. The police officer also admitted that while the Montreal Police Brotherhood are trying to make ticket quotas obsolete, their Quebec City counterparts, for example, are deducted $50 from their paychecks if quotas are not met. Here in Montreal, some 130 tickets are expected to be issued per month, which roughly translates to two tickets per day per cop.

I myself have received a ticket for not turning my wheels toward the curb just last year. I contested it and won after proving that I was parked in a snow bank and turning my wheels wasn't feasible, but I now wonder if I too was subject to quota filling.


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