Montreal Police Officer Spotted Peeing In Public, AGAIN!!!

That's 2 times in 1 week.
Montreal Police Officer Spotted Peeing In Public, AGAIN!!!

Well it happened again, another cop got caught peeing in public. I say again because this just happened a few days ago. Now the first time this happened I tried to laugh it off and give the officer the benefit of the doubt. Maybe he was helping a distressed citizen and he was in a hurry to get back to work as quickly as possible - everyone knows how difficult it can be to find a bathroom downtown.

But at least that last officer had the decency to try to be discreet, he even hid behind his car. This new public urinator however was right on the corner of Berri and Ontario peeing on a Hydro Quebec building in broad daylight for everyone to see.

What pisses me off  the most (ha!) is that this is the same guy who would give you a $300 ticket without blinking an eye if he caught you doing the same thing. And you better hope you're not drunk when it happens, or you might even get slapped with a public indecency fine.

Here is the first time it happened this week.

Photo cred - Louis Bands

I guess the rules don't apply to everyone.

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