Montreal Police Spotted In Leopard Print Tights

Bill 3 protests have gone wild.
Montreal Police Spotted In Leopard Print Tights

Photo cred - Yoel

The Montreal police force's not-so-subtle form of protest, in which they've replaced their pantaloons with army camo pants and other forms of leg wear, didn't really bother or interest us, until now. Maybe bother is a strong word, more like gives us feelings in our pants we'd rather not experience this early in the morning while at work, but maybe that's just me.

Yesterday afternoon, Montrealer Yoel (@blackd2302) came across some scantily clad SPVM officers, wearing skin tight leopard print tights. Like any good citizen, Yoel couldn't help but tweet out this oddly erotic (again, maybe just me?) image of these two police men standing around, butts looking all perky in animal print. I could only imagine what the front/bulge-tastic view was like. See the original tweet here.

Maybe the two were just getting ready for an after work 80's glam rock show, or they were just  all out of camo pants and could only find the bottoms of their slutty tweens Halloween costumes to wear that day.  Whatever the reasoning, the fact remain, Montreal police men wore skin tight leopard print pants and the world is a better place for it.

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