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Montreal Police To Start Wearing Body Cameras?

Coroner suggests they get their $hit together.
Montreal Police To Start Wearing Body Cameras?

A question that has been coming up in the recent past is whether or not police should be wearing body cameras. While it has been implemented in some places around the world, places like Montreal are still toying with the idea.

However a recent coroner's report has pushed the question to the forefront of our minds. In the summer of 2013, 70 year old Robert Henault pulled a knife when told he was to be escorted out of his home, he was then shot in the leg by police. Henault died in the hospital two weeks later.

Coroner Paul Dionne has been on this case for the past two years, and criticizes police for the lack of information they provided. Dionne "denounced the lack of details in police reports about the time of events and the events themselves and how the case was not analyzed by a third party besides the SQ, as is standard procedure when police are involved in civilian deaths and another police force is called in to investigate." He suggests that body cameras are a suitable means to rectify this problem.

So the question remains: Should Montreal police be wearing body cameras? Would this fix the problem or just illuminate the public to what the police are really up to? Will this make officers more mindful of their actions, or make them resentful to the public? One things for sure, if body cameras were implemented police would definitely stop peeing in public. I think that's reason enough...

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