Montreal Potholes Are Now Making Your Car Tires Explode

When Montreal's pothole problem reached a point where entire trucks were swallowed up by the street, you would think that city officials would take that as a wake-up call, a sort of "hey, we might have a problem here we should get to fixing" kind of moment. As any Montreal driver will tel you, that definitely wasn't the case.

But it seems like the city's level of dangerous potholes has only increased, as evidenced by this drivers not-so-comforting story.

When driving along the southern end of Hochelaga, specifically on Notre-Dame and d'Orléans (map), Marouane Abid hit a string of potholes that caused his tire to blow out, reports CBC.

In other words, the potholes on Notre-Dame quite literally caused Abid's tire to explode. Making the incident even more cringe-worthy, at least for car fans, is that Abid was driving his shiny new Mercedez.

After taking his car to a mechanic to inspect the damage, the car care professional went on to state how he had never encountered similar damage to a tire. Abid's personal inspection found physical parts of others cars in his tire, likely from the mess of hubcaps he found on the street.

Like any good citizen, Abid made a call to the Quebec Ministry of Public Works. Unsurprisingly, the provincial service wasn't very helpful, telling Abid he could create a claim for any damage, while also making sure to stress that he can't sue the city of Montreal, thanks to a provincial law.

Abid followed up his call to see if any attempt had been made to repair the severely damaged street and the potholes that made his tire explode. As I'm sure you've already guessed, nothing had changed, and the stretch of Notre-Dame street remains in disrepair.

Potholes cause sever damage to a car, citizens are put in mortal danger, next to nothing is done. It's a Montreal infrastructure fairytale, one we're all too familiar with, and it never ends with a "happily ever after."