Montreal To Host Canada's Biggest Poutine Festival Ever

You've waited almost an entire year, but the foodie event of the summer is almost back and ready to fill your belly with the orgasmic food-trinity that is fries, curds, and gravy. That's right Montrealers, poutine is once more taking over the Old Port for the second edition of the Poutinefest de Montréal.

A festival devoted to all-things poutine, as the name pretty plainly points out, Poutinefest will bring Quebec's best poutine-chefs (and some from Ontario, but we all know only folks from la belle province know how to craft a real poutine) to Quai de l'horloge for three full days of gorging.

All-new poutine recipes will be doled out by these esteemed poutine-pros, with special "degustations" offered, allowing you to try three types of poutine from different chefs.

And if last year is any indication of the poutines to be enjoyed for the 2016 edition of Poutinefest, your taste buds will be treated to such creative and complex creations like Pad Thai Poutine, Butter Chicken Poutine, Meatball Poutine, and so much more.

Don't expect just poutine to be featured at Poutinefest either (even if it is the primary reason you're going), as special performances, games, drink stands, and more will be on-site too. Expect more details on what else is in store for you at Poutinefest as the event draws closer.

Montreal's second annual Poutinefest is to be held at Quai de l'horlage from June 23rd to 26th. To recieve any and all updates, head to the official Facebook event page here.

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