Montreal Poutine Week 2014

All 30 participating restaurants listed.
Montreal Poutine Week 2014

We've got a scoop for all the foodies and poutine lovers (aka everyone) in Montreal. We've got our hungry hands on the full restaurant list, with featured poutine, for every participating restaurant in Montreal's Poutine Week 2014.

From Feburary 1st to 7th, Montreal will be embroiled in a city-wide poutine competition where you will get the chance to eat, savour, and devour 30 different types of poutines from some of the city's most respected restos and poutineries. All the featured poutines will be priced at a reasonable $10, and you will personally get a voice and be able to vote in awarding the best and most popular poutine in all of Montreal.

To get your taste buds we're here first with the poutine hit-list. Look, learn, and memorize so you can make your week-long poutine plan of attack.  Be sure to check out the official website to vote too! Get hungry Montreal.

Lola Rosa Parc

Featured Poutine: Poutine Lola (homemade gravy with fresh mushrooms and black beans)

Pumped For: Lola Rosa makes vegan food more than delicious, and we're excited to see where they take poutine.

Régine Café

Featured Poutine: The 'Breakfast' Poutine (Fries and homemade gravy, 2 year old cheddar and chorizo)

Pumped For: Not quite bacon and eggs, but chorizo and aged cheddar are superior substitutes.

La Banquise

Featured Poutine: The Reggae Poutine (fries,Banquise gravy, ground beef, cubed tomatoes, guacamole and spicy peppers)

Pumped For: Anything out of La Banquise is gonna be perfection in poutine form, so this new creation is truly exciting.

McKibbin's Irish Pub

Featured Poutine: Baked Potato Poutine (All the ingredients of a poutine with homemade gravy)

Pumped For: A big ol' baked potatoe looks like the perfect food to sop up all that delicious gravy.


Featured Poutine: La Petite Grosse (french fries, gravy made from the ham's cooking juices with roasted ham on the bone)

Pumped For: Bacon isn't the only type of pig that goes good on poutine. Roasted ham all the way.


Featured Poutine: The Shaolin (Panko beef, 4 cheeses, mixed veggies all under a homemade asian influenced gravy)

Pumped For: Asian flair to a Canadian classic looks to be utterly zesty


Featured Poutine: Angus Prime Poutine (Roast beef poutine)

Pumped For: You had me at Angus Prime.

Poutine Centrale

Featured Poutine: Butter Chicken Poutine (Chicken in a creamy Indian spiced sauce topped with cilantro)

Pumped For: The velvety goodness of butter chicken paired with the cheese and french fries.

Wing’s and Things

Featured Poutine: Wings Poutine (Curly Fries, cheese curds, medium hot sauce, and boneless chicken wings)

Pumped For: The love child between 2 classic bar foods: wings and poutine.

Royal Phoenix Bar

Featured Poutine: La Royale (A generous portion of pulled pork with red cabbage and green apple coleslaw)

Pumped For: Anything named La Royale has to be good, plus creative coleslaw is always a win.

Mange Moi Poutinerie

Featured Poutine: La Cochonne (french fries,chicken and spice blend gravy, and pulled pork cooked and marinated 8 hours in the oven)

Pumped For: Pig is always good, especially when it's slow cooked.

Monsieur Restaurant + Bar

Featured Poutine: Monsieur Boulette (regular & sweet potato fries, mini organic meat balls & home made sauce)

Pumped For: Some farm-fresh fancy flair on a poutine

Miss Pret a Manger (take out)

Featured Poutine: Miss Prêt pour Poutine ( regular & sweet potato fries, organic braised beef, edible flowers & braised beef poutine sauce)

Pumped For: Braised beef is a major pull, but so are those edible flowers.

Frite Alors

Featured Poutine: The Lobster Monster (Fries, lobster, squeeky cheese, bechamel sauce and shallots)

Pumped For: A perfect mix of classy and greasy, lobster on poutine is already getting my stomach growling.

Lucky's truck

Featured Poutine: La Fameuse (crispy fries, red wine and foie gras gravy, duck confit and balsamic caramelized onions)

Pumped For: We've already seen what Lucky's Truck can do with poutine, and I'm sure this'll be even better.


Featured Poutine: Greek Poutine (Braised lamb with kefalotiri cheese)

Pumped For: Some cultural flair is a definite appeal, also the chance to try a new cheese.


Featured Poutine: Chili Cheese Fries

Pumped For: No on can resist the allure of chili cheese one.

Pub Quartier Latin

Featured Poutine: Parmesan-Truffle-Beef Poutine (AAA 1855 beef, red wine demi glace sauce with truffles and Parmegiano Reggiano)

Pumped For: Sounds fancy, and sounds hella good too. Who can say no to truffles?

Pub Burgundy lion

Featured Poutine: Watership Poutine (Braise Rabbit with Grainy mustard and honey gravy)

Pumped For: For those who know, rabbit meat is tender, delicious, and totally welcome on poutine.


Featured Poutine: La Famiglia (Italian poutine, sauce from Drogheria Fine)

Pumped For: They've already got the Eggs Benedict Poutine under their belts, and La Famiglia will be even better.

Montreal Poutine

Featured Poutine: Merguez Poutine (Homemade fries, cheese curds, vegetarian gravy, spicy merguez)

Pumped For: Spanish sausage poutine. So spicy, so meaty, such a good idea.

Pizzeria Romeo

Featured Poutine: La Poutinizza

Pumped For: A poutine you can eat with your hands, and even more cheese? Yes, please.

Chez Boris

Featured Poutine: Donut Poutine with Duck Gravy ( doughnut "fries", duck fat gravy, and cheese curds)

Pumped For: Yeah it sounds weird, but my interest is piqued. Who doesn't love duck and donuts?

Au Cinquième Péché

Featured Poutine: Poutine au Phoque (Gnocchi, seal merguez, brussel sprouts, cheese and full-bodied jus.)

Pumped For: Never say never when it comes to poutine combinations, and 'seal' seems like the craziest yet.

Blackstrap BBQ

Featured Poutine: BBQ Brisket Chili Poutine (BBQ brisket poutine gravy+chili. fries, curds, and pickles for balance)

Pumped For: Blackstrap does some of the best BBQ in Montreal, and in poutine...oh boy.


Featured Poutine: Donuts and coffee poutine (Potato donuts, red eye gravy, smoked ham and cheese)

Pumped For: The name and ingredients don't really connect, so I'm guessing you'll just have to try it to see what they mean.


Featured Poutine: Attack of the Imadake's プーティン Disaster 2014

Pumped For: Japanese characters make anything look intense, here's hoping this poutine lives up to its title. (delivery)

Featured Poutine: Le Chaud Lapin Poutine (Potato galette, braised rabbit, Migneron de Charlevoix and gravy)

Pumped For: Rabbit on poutine may sound strange, but as a huge fan of rabbit-meat, I'm excited.


Featured Poutine: Pootie Tang (rosemary fries, Sortilège and maple sauce with bacon slices and bits, fried cheese curds)

Pumped For: Simply for the name, this poutine gains mad respect points, oh and maple sauce.

La Bêtise

Featured Poutine: Lobster and Bacon Macpoutine (french fries, cheese curd topped with a lobster and bacon mac and cheese)

Pumped For: Poutine AND mac and cheese? Comfort food is being taken to whole new levels.

Burger Bar

Featured Poutine: La Nordique (duck confit, Blue Benedictine cheese infused sauce, pickled red onions and arugula)

Pumped For: A blue cheese infused sauce, because more cheese is always better.

Le Gourmet Burger

Featured Poutine: #GourmetPoutine (cripsy fries cheese curds, caramelized onions, sautéed mushrooms, smoked baco, spicy chipotle sauce & fresh thyme)

Pumped For: More is always better, and this large ingredient list is looking tantalizing.

Which poutine are you most pumped for?

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