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Montreal Psychologist Caught Spanking His Patient

But he is somehow still allowed to work.
Montreal Psychologist Caught Spanking His Patient

In movies, it's not unusual to hear about Psychologists testing out experimental procedures like hypnotism or insane anger management therapies.

But in real life, it's safe to assume that most psychologists stick to the methods that have been tested and proven to work.

That however is not the case for one Montreal Psychologist named Steven Schachter.

Schachter decided that the best way to treat his patient's anxiety and self esteem issues was to test out a new kind of therapy.

The therapy involved spanking the bare ass of his patient while repeating creepy phrases like: "Feel the shame."

The patient had to get on his hands and knees and sometimes he would even be spanked with a plank of wood.

So it's as if you went to a psychologist and you paid him to make you do the walk of shame from Game of Thrones.

As if that wasn't bad enough, Schachter knew the patent had been physically abused by his father during his childhood and yet he still figured this would somehow be a good idea.

He convinced the patient to go through with the therapy for 10 sessions.

Whatever Schachter's intentions were, Quebec's Order of Psychologists ruled that this was blatant sexual abuse.

He was temporarily suspended from practicing in 2015 but according to the Gazette, he still works at an office on Queen Mary.

Schachter is expected to be sentenced later this year but no word on whether he will be suspended or if he'll simply have to pay a fine.

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