Montreal Ranked #1 Bicycle City In North America

But, you knew that already, didn't you?
Montreal Ranked #1 Bicycle City In North America

Photo cred - Anne Kostalas

There are those of us who curse the cyclists daily and those of us who love that Montreal has made cycling such an integral part of the city.

For the latter group, which is the majority of Montrealers, this report from The Copenhagenize Index is fantastic news.

Montreal has been ranked the #1 bicycle city in North America. Cycling, according to the Index, is on a rise in Montreal due to several factors, including our awesome BIXI bikes and the massive cycling routes around the entire city.

We've also been ranked #11 around the world out of the 150 cities which made the list.

Ride on, dear cyclist friends, ride on!

PS. Best way to celebrate? Check out the 1770 km of bike paths in Montreal!

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