Montreal Ranked #1 Bicycle Friendly City In North America

Photo cred - Daniel Dewan

Last year, Montreal gained a world ranking that will either make cyclists in the city applaud in agreement or cry in disbelief, as the city was named the #1 most bike friendly city in all of North America. The Copenhagenize Index 2013 awarded Montreal the bike-friendly title, and while the list is about a year old, it is still a claim to fame worth recognizing.

Wishing to give cities who strive to make biking an accepted and practical mode of transportation some recognition, The Copenhagenize Index ranked 150 cities from across the globe based on 13 separate categories. Their ranking system includes: advocacy, bicycle culture, bike facilities, existence of a bike sharing program, the gender split between cyclists, safety, urban planning, number of cyclists vs. drivers, traffic calming, bicycle infrastructure, safety measures, and the increased amount of cyclists in recent years.

Taking all of that into account, The Copenhagenize Index gave each of the cities a score out of 100, with Montreal getting a 58. A D+ letter grade doesn't seem like much to be happy about, but in the context of the list, it isn't so bad. Montreal ranked 11th overall (in a three-way tie) and was the only North American city to rank among the top twenty on The Copenhagenize Index.

The last index to be released was in 2011, so going with that trend, Montreal will be able to call itself North America's friendliest city for biking for another year at least.  Pair that up with Montreal's title as the world's 3rd friendliest city, and the island looks like a pretty jovial place.

To see how Montreal ranked in comparison to other cities on the list, below are the twenty most bike friendly cities in the world, according to the The Copenhagenize Index.

  1. Amsterdam - 83
  2. Copenhagen, Denmark - 81
  3. Utrecht, Netherlands - 77
  4. Seville, Spain + Bordeaux, France - 76
  5. Nantes, France + Antwerp, Belgium - 72
  6. Eindhoven, Netherlands - 66
  7. Malmö, Sweden - 63
  8. Berlin - 62
  9. Dublin - 60
  10. Tokyo - 59
  11. Munich  + Nagoya, Japan + Montreal- 58
  12. Rio de Janeiro - 56
  13. Barcelona + Budapest - 55
  14. Paris + Hamburg, Germany - 54

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