Montreal Ranked #1 For Conjugal Violence In Canada

This is a stat we desperately need to change.
Montreal Ranked #1 For Conjugal Violence In Canada

Now here's a statistic we hate to see. Montreal is the metropolitan city with the highest rate of conjugal violence. And it's not like it was a close battle, our rate is almost 52% higher than the rest.

There are about 292 cases of conjugal violence for every 100,000 people and according to Stats Canada only about 30% of cases ever get reported which means the real number is much higher. The police say they receive on average 18 calls a day.

Women represent about 68% of the victims in abuse cases. In fact, there are 34 centers for abused women affiliated with the Fédération des maisons d’hébergement pour femmes du Québec and last year the occupation rate was 93%.

3209 new cases were brought to justice last year and lower income families were overly represented. That's because rich people live further away from their neighbors which means they're less likely to be denounced.

Other than making the perpetrators attend information sessions and group therapy programs, not much is being done to address this problem as a whole and there doesn't seem to be any apparent reasons why Montrealers are more prone to domestic violence.

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