Montreal Ranked #1 For Most Potholes In The World

You'll never guess how many.
Montreal Ranked #1 For Most Potholes In The World

Be careful driving out there today, after all it is the deadliest day of the year.

But we here in Montreal need to be especially careful. When you're driving in the city, you not only have to avoid other cars, pedestrians and cyclists. Sometimes you have to avoid the road itself.

Yes, it's sad to say but Montreal is one of the worst places in the world to drive. With the crazy temperatures we've been having lately, the potholes are completely out of control.

How many are there? Let's consider the fact that there are about 125 major roads in Montreal, and for every one of these roads there are about 920 potholes!

So as of last week there were an estimated 115,000 potholes on the island of Montreal. And there are more of them opening up every minute.

At this point it might be cheaper to just repave the entire road instead of just filling up a hole every 5 feet. Our streets are starting to look like the surface of the moon.

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