Montreal Ranked #1 Greenest City In North America

An achievement the city can be very proud of.
Montreal Ranked #1 Greenest City In North America

According to a new study, Montreal's house are "greener" than the rest of Canada.

It's just another awesome first place ranking to add to our list this year:

The study showed that Montreal's houses emit the least amount of CO2 compared to the rest of the country.

Unfortunately, we can't take too much personal credit because this is mainly due to the fact that we use hydro electricity compared to Edmonton who uses coal.

In fact Edmonton was the worst city on the list with nearly 4 times as many tonnes of CO2 being released into the air every year.

Also, because our city is so dense, we don't need to use cars as often. Plus the average dwelling is smaller which mean we use less heating. And unlike Edmonton, we don't have to compensate for the cold that comes in from the prairies.

As for the rest of North America, it's no-contest. Let's put it this way, our worst city did better the United State's best city.

What even better is that household CO2 emissions have been on the decline for the last 12 years and will continue to decline in the future.


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